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Required Physics Courses

First Semester*

PHY 810 - Methods of Theoretical Physics
3 credits - Fall Semester
Theoretical methods used in classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, electrodynamics, and statistical mechanics.

PHY 820 - Classical Mechanics**
3 credits - Fall Semester
Two-body central force problem, Hamilton's principle, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian equations of motion, variational methods, small oscillations, classical fields.

PHY 851 - Quantum Mechanics I
3 credits - Fall Semester
Axioms of quantum and wave mechanics, applications to spherically symmetric potentials. Hydrogen atom, harmonic oscillator, matrix mechanics, angular momentum theory, rotations.

Second Semester*

PHY 841 - Classical Electrodynamics I**
3 credits - Spring Semester
Prerequisites: PHY 810
Electrostatics, magnetostatics, time-varying fields and Maxwell's equations. Gauge transformations. Poynting's theorem and conservation laws.

PHY 852 - Quantum Mechanics II**
3 credits - Spring Semester
PHY 851
Approximation methods, perturbation theory, atomic physics applications, scattering theory, identical particles, Pauli principle, Bose and Einstein statistics, Hartree-Fock approximation, collisions of identical particles, radiation.

Third Semester*

PHY 831 - Statistical Mechanics**
3 credits - Fall Semester
Equilibrium statistical mechanics and thermodynamics. Boltzmann transport equations and hydrodynamics. Brownian and Langevin motion.

PHY 842 - Classical Electrodynamics II
3 credits - Fall Semester
Recommended Background:
PHY 841, PHY 810
Plane electromagnetic waves, polarization states, reflection, refraction. Wave guides and resonant cavities. Radiating systems, dipole fields, radiated power. Special theory of relativity.

* Typical sequence followed by most graduate students. This ensures you complete all required courses and subject exams within a year and a half.
** The final for this course also serves as a Subject Exam. The final for 852 includes content from 851. A minimum average of 3.375 is required for the four exams, with a 3.0 minimum on each individual exam. A maximum of two attempts is allowed for each exam.