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Construction Pictures 2001-07-10

2nd floor view
2nd Floor View (Southeast)


4th floor view
4th Floor View (South)


Atrium (Bottom)


Atrium (alternate view)
Atrium (Bottom, alternate view)


Atrium - Top
Atrium (Top)


Bio lab
Biology Lab


Bio lab cooling room
Biology Lab Cool Room


Bio lab fume hood
Biology Lab Fume Hood


Bio lab fume hood (large)
Biology Lab Fume Hood (Large)


Bio teaching lab
Biology Teaching Lab


Connection to Biochemistry
Connection to Biochemistry Building


Connection to Chemistry
Connection to Chemistry Building


BPS Courtyard


East Side of BPS
East Side


BPS Inside Doors
Inside Doors


BPS Inside Hallway
Inside Hallway


Utilities - air
Utilities (Air)


Utilities - Computer Wiring
Utilities (Computer Wiring)


Utilities - power
Utilities (Power)


Utilities - water and gas
Utilities (Water and Gas)


BPS West Side
West Side


BPS West High Bay
High Bay (West)


BPS West High Bay 2
High Bay (West, alternate view)