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Construction Pictures 2001-11-09

BPS 10BT Wiring
10BT Wiring


BPS 4th floor hallway
4th Floor Hallway


BPS Atrium Food Court
Atrium Food Court


BPS Atrium Library
BPS Library (viewed from the atrium)


BPS Atrium North View
Atrium North View


BPS Atrium Sputh View
Atrium South View


BPS Atrium South View (alt)
Atrium South View (alternate angle)


BPS Bridge to Biochemistry
Bridge to Biochemistry


BPS Bridge to Chemistry
Bridge to Chemistry


BPS Bridge to Chemistry (alternate angle)
Bridge to Chemistry (alternate angle)


BPS Observation Deck
Observation Deck


BPS Lecture Hall (Large)
Lecture Hall (Large)


BPS Lecture Hall (Large, Front)
Front of Lecture Hall


Air Handlers
Utilities - Air Handlers


Roof air handlers
Utilities - Air Handlers (Roof)


BPS Atrium (roof view)
Atrium (viewed from roof)


NSCL (roof view)
NSCL Building (viewed from BPS)


NSCL View 2
NSCL Building (viewed from BPS)


Plant & Soil Science Building
Plant & Soil Science Building (viewed from BPS)


Breslin Center
Breslin Center (viewed from BPS)