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Conference Room Schedules

Conference Rooms
  Main Conference Room, 1400 BPS Bldg.
Physics-Astronomy Conference Room, 4270 BPS Bldg.
Chair's Office Conference Room, 4205 BPS Bldg.
NOTE: The Chair's Office and P-A Administration have priority in reserving this room.
Undergraduate/Graduate Office Conference Room, 1312C BPS Bldg.
NOTE: This room is reserved for internal use by the P-A Undergraduate/Graduate Office.
HEP Teleconferencing Room, 3239 BPS Bldg.
NOTE: Teleconferences have priority in scheduling this room.
BPS Building Lecture Halls
  These are scheduled by the MSU Registrar's Office. Go to the Classroom Events Calendar, access 25live, then search for BPS in the location search and choose BPS 1410, BPS 1415 or BPS 1420 from the menu to see the schedules for the following rooms:
  • Large (275-seat) Lecture Hall, 1410 BPS Bldg.
  • Medium-sized (154-seat) Lecture Hall, 1415 BPS Bldg.
  • Small (65-seat) Lecture Hall, 1420 BPS Bldg.


Other Academic Rooms and Teaching Laboratories
Other BPS Meeting Places
  First Floor Atrium, BPS Bldg.
Penthouse Observation Deck, 7th Floor, BPS Bldg.

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