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Article on stellar nucleosynthesis by P-A faculty members appears in "The Conversation"

MSU Physics & Astronomy faculty members Artemis Spyrou and Hendrick Schatz have written an article, Elements from the stars: The unexpected discovery that upended astrophysics 66 years ago,” which was published in The Conversation web journal on 02 May 2018. It describes the discovery of technetium in the spectrum of the star R Andromedae in 1952 and the realization by physicists that this meant that stars must have mechanisms for producing heavier elements out of lighter ones, processes which are still being researched today.

The Conversation web journal is an independent collaboration between editors and academics that provides informed news analysis and commentary to the general public.

Update 10 August 2018: A version of the article in The Conversation was published on 03 August 2018 in MSU Today.