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2005: Forschungspreis: Prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Foundation award for Prof. Tomanek

Dr. David Tomanek and the nano-structures he researches

November 2005, Berlin, Germany: The German Alexander von Humboldt Foundation announced that Prof. David Tomanek, Michigan State University, will receive the prestigious "Forschungspreis", the senior distinguished scientist award.

This prize is valued at up to 75,000 euro and will enable Prof. Tomanek to spend a research year at the University of Regensburg in Germany, where he will collaborate on nanoscience projects with nominating scholars and hosts in Germany, Prof. K. Richter, Dr. G. Cuniberti and Prof. M. Grifoni.

References: University of Regensburg newsletter (web archive).

The Forschungspreis is awarded annually to a maximum of 100 scientists of all disciplines world-wide. Prof. Tomanek is the 6th MSU physicist and 12th MSU faculty member overall in the history of Humboldt Foundation, which was established in 1953, to receive this award. The past MSU-PA receipients of the award are Prof. Tom Kaplan in 1981, Prof. Walter Benenson in 1989, NSCL Director C. Konrad Gelbke in 1993, and Physics-Astronomy Chairperson Wolfgang Bauer in 2000. In addition, Prof. Brage Golding received this prestigious award before joining the MSU faculty.