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June 2017: Muon g-2 collaboration featured in MSU Today article


The Muon g−2 Experiment at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL, or "Fermilab") and its members within the MSU Department of Physics and Astronomy, Prof. Martin Berz, Research Prof. Kyoko Makino, and their team of graduate students, are featured in the June 8th MSU Today article "Muon Magnet's Moment Has Arrived". The experiment will make a very precise measurement (to within one part in 7 million) of a physical quantity of special interest in particle physics. The MSU team is involved with computer simulation of the behavior expected within the particle beam it will use. Knowing what the beam should do and observing what it actually does will combine to make one part of the measurement reliable to the desired degree of accuracy, which may lead to refinements in the underlying theories.