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November 2015: Nuclear properties calculated precisely by research group including MSU physicists


A November 3rd, 2015, MSU Today article highlights a set of computational results newly released by an international team of theoretical nuclear physicists including MSU Physics & Astronomy Professors Witold Nazarewicz and Morten Hjorth-Jensen. These computations were based on the fundamental properties of elementary particles and the forces binding them together, applied to the case of the detailed structure of the nucleus of a Calcium-48 atom. Keeping track of the behavior of the 48 nucleons involved, all at the same time, along with the forces pulling them together and pushing them apart, required a significant amount of time on some of the world's most powerful supercomputers. The results revealed at least one feature which was unexpected based on more simplified calculations – the outer boundary of where one might expect to see neutrons is not as far from the equivalent boundary for protons as had been expected.

The results were published in this Nature Physics article (in PDF format).