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Ph.D. student Justin Lane awarded Yale Mossman Postdoctoral Fellowship

Justin Lane
Soon-to-be Dr. Justin Lane setting up a superconducting qubit experiment in Prof. Pollanen's Laboratory for Hybrid Quantum Systems at MSU. Justin will be defending his Ph.D. and starting at Yale in the summer as the 2021 Mossman Postdoctoral Fellow.

MSU Physics Ph.D. student Justin Lane has been awarded the 2021 Mossman Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Yale University Physics Department. Justin is an experimental physicist with expertise in quantum information science (QIS) and condensed matter physics. At MSU he is a recipient of a Cowen Family Graduate Fellowship and his work has focused on experiments with superconducting circuit based quantum bits (qubits) and the coupling of these tailor-made quantum objects with many-body quantum systems, such as superfluid states of matter, and quantum acoustic devices. In particular, Justin’s ground breaking experiments investigating the integration of superfluids with superconducting qubit systems pave the way for an entirely new research direction in the field quantum fluids research by leveraging the precision coherent control of the quantum states of superconducting transmon qubits. More broadly, Justin and collaborators at the Laboratory for Hybrid Quantum Systems (LHQS), including his Ph.D. advisor Johannes Pollanen, have been investigating a wide variety of QIS and condensed matter systems ranging from atomically thin layers of carbon (graphene) to trapped electrons systems floating above the surface of superfluid helium to color-center qubits in diamond with the goal of revealing fundamentally new physical phenomena and developing next generation technologies for QIS.

The Mossman fellowship at Yale is intended to support promising physicists in the early stages of their careers and provides Justin a three year appointment, competitive stipend and a discretionary annual research fund. This year’s Mossman Fellowship was competitive across all subfields of physics. At Yale Justin will be working in the group of Prof. Jack Harris whose research focuses on quantum aspects of motion in macroscopic objects that combine mechanical, optical, and superfluid components.