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Prof. Artemis Spyrou Named APS Fellow

Congratulations to Prof. Artemis Spyrou on her election as an APS Fellow. Professor Spyrou, who holds appointments both in the Department of Physics and Astronomy and at the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) on campus, received this recognition for her groundbreaking studies in experimental nuclear astrophysics. The citation from the American Physical Society reads “For studies using total absorption spectroscopy and the beta-Oslo technique to determine neutron-capture rates for astrophysical modeling, and for dedication to communicating science to the general public.”

Professor Spyrou and her colleagues are world leaders in experimental nuclear astrophysics. The goal of this work is to determine the nuclear reaction rates and other properties of nuclei that are critical for understanding astrophysical phenomena. In doing so, they make major advances in both nuclear physics and astronomy. Nuclear astrophysics experiments have long been part of MSU world leading nuclear physics effort. Prof. Spyrou, together with the students and postdocs in her group and her collaborators, has, among others, made unique contributions in the development of novel methods to extract level densities and gamma ray strength functions from measurements with the Summing Sodium Iodine detector (SuN)

With FRIB coming online, a whole new generation of experiments will be possible, opening up new areas for discovery in nuclear astrophysics, and carrying on the MSU tradition of world leading work in the field. Prof. Spyrou is very gifted in explaining the science and benefits of FRIB to a broad audience - check out https://www.artemisspyrou.com/press.