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Seminars and Colloquia Schedules

The MSU Department of Physics & Astronomy and many of its sub-units and affiliated research groups host regular Seminars and Colloquia. This is an access point for schedule information.

Astronomy & Astrophysics Seminar Schedule

“Astronomical Horizons” Public Lecture Schedule

Colloquium Schedule
 ("Meet the Speaker" Schedule)

Condensed Matter Physics Seminar Schedule

High Energy Physics Seminar Schedule

IReNA Online Seminar Series Schedule

Nuclear Physics Seminar Schedule

Physics Education Research Seminar Schedule

Science at the Edge Seminar Schedule

Previous Semesters' Seminars & Colloquia Schedules


MSU Campus Seminar and Events Schedules may be found at the MSU Today site.

This map of MSU with Physics & Astronomy landmarks marked may make it easier for visitors to find the sites of the seminars and colloquia listed here. Visitors from out of town may find this Lansing area map helpful, too.

Information on accessibility for persons with disabilities may be found here.