Colloquium Schedule


Colloquia are presented at 3:30pm on Thursdays
in 1415 Biomedical & Physical Sciences Building.

Refreshments are served at 3:00pm in 1400 Biomedical & Physical Sciences Building.

Date Speaker Speaker's Institution Title Speaker Schedule Local Host
September 5 Peter Garnavich Notre Dame The Spin Cycle: Rapidly Rotating Magnetized white Dwarfs in Close Binaries - [abstract] View Schedule Couch

September 12

Jeremy Sepinsky Center for Naval Analyses Alternative Careers in Astrophysics: Wargaming for the US Department of Defense - [abstract] View Schedule Rachel Frisbie/Laura Chomiuk
September 19 Steve Girvin Yale Quantum Institute - Yale University

Introduction to Quantum Error Correction: Schrodinger Meets Maxwell's Demon


View Schedule Norman Birge
September 26 Tim Chupp University of Michigan "Electric Dipole Moments: Searching for new physics at low energies" - [abstract] View Schedule Jaideep Singh
October 3       View Schedule  
October 10 John Wilkerson UNC TBA View Schedule Kendall Mahn
October 17 Ion Moraru   TBA View Schedule Norman Birge
October 24 Frederi Viens Statistics & Probabilty (MSU) Statistics and Bayesian machine learning help reconstruct the Earth's past climate, and make projections to 2100 - [abstract] View Schedule Witek Nazarewicz
October 31 Vashti Sawtelle MSU Diversity in Physics Education - [abstract] View Schedule  
November 7 Wade Fisher MSU ATLAS - [abstract] View Schedule  
November 14 Kirsten Tollefson MSU Particle Astrophysics - [abstract] View Schedule  
November 21 Matt Comstock MSU Single-molecule biology - [abstract] View Schedule  
November 28 Thanksgiving: No Colloquium
December 5 Kendall Mahn MSU Neutrinos - [abstract] View Schedule  
December 12       View Schedule  
December 19          

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