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Colloquium Schedule

Colloquia are presented at 3:30pm on Thursdays
Some Speakers will be online through zoom -

Zoom info https://msu.zoom.us/j/94951062663 - Password: 2021

For in-person colloquia, you must attend in room 1415 BPS

Refreshments in room 1400 BPS @ 3:00 pm

Date Speaker Speaker's Institution Title Speaker Schedule Local Host
September 1, 2022   NO COLLOQUIUM      
September 08, 2022          
September 15, 2022          

September 22, 2022 -

In person

Kate Pachal Triumf Accelerators as windows to the dark sector: the DarkLight experiment and the hunt for a new boson - [abstract]   Daniel Hayden

September 29, 2022 -

In Person

Shelly Lesher University of Wisconsin - La Crosse What's science got to do with it? The intersection of nuclear science & society - [abstract]   Artemis Spyrou

October 6, 2022 -


Veronique Boisvert UC London The Climate Emergency: can Particle Physics ever be sustainable? - [abstract]   Daniel Hayden
October 13, 2022 - In Person Laura Chomiuk MSU - PTRC talk A Shocking Shift in Paradigm for Classical Novae - [abstract]    

October 20, 2022 -


Stefan Ulmer RIKEN, Wako, Japan Studies of Exotic Physics with Antiprotons and Protons - [abstract]   Georg Bollen
October 27, 2022   Reserved for PTRC Talk      

November 3, 2022 -

in Person

Diana Parno Carnegie Mellon The Unbearable Lightness of Neutrinos - [abstract]   Kendall Mahn
November 10, 2022 - In Person Nathan Whitehorn MSU - PTRC Talk What are we missing in the high-energy universe? - [abstract]    
November 17, 2022 - In Person Danny Caballero MSU - PTRC Talk Supporting the integration of computing in Physics education - [abstract]    
November 24, 2022   THANKSGIVING - NO COLLOQUIUM      
December 1, 2022 - In Person Xianglin Ke MSU - PTRC Talk Neutron Scattering and Thermal Transport Studies of Novel Magnetic Excitations in Low-Dimensional Magnets - [abstract]    
December 8, 2022 - In Person Mohammad Maghrebi MSU - PTRC Talk Cristical Phenomena in Quantum Many-body Systems far from Equilibrium - [abstract]    

Map to the Biomedical & Physical Sciences Building

Building Accessibility Information

For travel arrangements, reimbursement questions or to make an appointment with the speaker please contact Brenda Wenzlick - (wenzlic3@msu.edu)

If you would like to attend lunch or dinner with the speaker, please contact the local host via email.

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