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Colloquium Schedule

Colloquia are presented at 3:30pm on Thursdays
Some Speakers will be online through zoom.

Date Speaker Speaker's Institution Title Speaker Schedule Local Host
January 13 - Zoom Uta Bilow TU Dresden, Germany Particle Physics Outreach with Masterclasses - [abstract] View Schedule Reinhard Schwienhorst
January 20 - Zoom Karen Daniels NCSU Granular Materials:  From Quotidian to Astronomical - [abstract] View Schedule Dean Lee
January 27       View Schedule  
February 03 Seth Jacobson MSU "Threats and opportunities, why we should look up" - [abstract] View Schedule  
February 10 Saori Pastore WUSTL Fundamental Physics with Nuclei - [abstract] View Schedule Heiko Hergert

February 17 - Zoom

Thomas Schaefer North Carolina State University The QCD critical point - [abstract] View Schedule Dean Lee
February 24       View Schedule  
March 03 Heino Falcke Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands What's in a shadow?  Past, Present and Future of Black Hole Imaging - [abstract] View Schedule Reinhard Schwienhorst
March 10 NO COLLOQUIUM SPRING BREAK   View Schedule  
March 17 Marilena Loverde   CMB and Cosmology View Schedule Kendall Mahn
March 24 - in person Krishna Kumar University of Massachusetts CREX View Schedule Witek Nazarewicz
March 31 - in perkson Urs Heller APS Physical Reciew Journals and the Scientific Publishing Process View Schedule Huey-Wen Lin
April 07 Jacquelyn Chini University of Central Floria Physics Education Reserach - Accessibility View Schedule Rachel Henderson
April 14 - in person Yvonne Leifels GSI, Darmstadt, Germany Probing dense nuclear matter with heavy ion collisions View Schedule Bill Lynch
April 21 - In person? Jason Wright Director of Penn State Extraterrestrial Intelligence Center and Professor of Astronomy & Physics at Penn State University Search for extraterrestrial intelligence View Schedule Megan Donahue/Brian O'Shea
April 28 NO SEMINAR NO MSU CLASSES   View Schedule  
        View Schedule  

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Building Accessibility Information

For travel arrangements, reimbursement questions or to make an appointment with the speaker please contact Brenda Wenzlick - (wenzlic3@msu.edu)

If you would like to attend lunch or dinner with the speaker, please contact the local host via email.

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