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Colloquium Schedule

Colloquia are presented at 3:30pm on Thursdays
Some Speakers will be online through zoom.

Date Speaker Speaker's Institution Title Speaker Schedule Local Host
September 02   NO COLLOQUIUM   View Schedule  
September 09 Linda Cremonesi (Zoom) Mary University - London The secrets of neutrino interactions in the NOvA experiment  - [abstract] View Schedule Brian Clark
September 16 Daniel Lee  (Zoom) Cornell "Machine Learning for Perception, Planning and Control" - [abstract] View Schedule Dean Lee
September 23       View Schedule  
September 30

Alycia Weinberger (Zoom)

Earth and Planets Laboratory, Carnegie Institution Decoding Disks: Planet Formation and Composition - [abstract] View Schedule Megan Donahue/Joey Rodriguez

October 07

Paul E. Reimer - Zoom Argonne National Laboratory The Asymmetry in the antimatter of the proton - [abstract] View Schedule Huey-Wen Lin
October 14 Gwendal Feve (Zoom) Ecole normale supeieure, Paris, France Fractional statistics of anyons in a mesoscopic collider - [abstract] View Schedule Johannes Pollanen
October 21 Laura Kreidberg (Zoom) Director of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy Physics of Exoplanets Planets are Places: Characterization of Other Worlds in the 2020s and Beyond - [abstract] View Schedule Joey Rodriguez
October 28 Joanna Atkin (Zoom) UNC Near-field microscopy for nanoscale materials characterization - [abstract] View Schedule Tyler Cocker
November 04 Jay Strader - PTRC talk MSU Don't Fear the Spiders: New Insights from Redback Millisecond Pulsars - [abstract] View Schedule  
November 11 Craig Group (Zoom) University of Virginia TBD View Schedule Chip Brock
November 18

Yvonne Leifels

(In Person)

GSI, Darmstadt, Germany Probing dense nuclear matter with heavy ion collisions - [abstract] View Schedule Bill Lynch
November 25   Thanksgiving - NO COLLOQUIUM   View Schedule  
December 02 Johannes Pollanen - PTRC talk MSU Creating and controlling synthetic quantum systems... one electron at a time - [abstract] View Schedule  
December 09 Pengpeng Zhang - PTRC talk MSU Phase Transformation and Interfacial Coupling in Heterostructures of Low-Dimensional Materials - [abstract] View Schedule  
        View Schedule  

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