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High Energy Physics Seminar Schedule

 High Energy Physics seminars are presented at 1:30pm on Tuesdays
in 1400 Biomedical & Physical Sciences Building.

Refreshments are served at 1:15pm before Tuesday seminars.

High Energy Physics Journal Club talks are presented at 12:00pm on Wednesdays
in 3239 Biomedical & Physical Sciences Building.

Date Speaker Institution Title Local Host
January 14 Nedaa A. Asbah Harvard/CERN Search for the production of rate processes with top-quarks at ATLAS - [abstract] Reinhard Schwienhorst
January 24 - Special HEP Seminar talk Friday, Room 1400 BPS @ 3:15 - 5pm Nathan Whitehorn University of California, Los Angeles "The TeV-PeV Diffuse Neutrino Background" - [abstract] Darren Grant
January 28 Carlos Arguelles Delgado MIT Interesting times for the Standard Model - [abstract] Darren Grant
January 31 - Special HEP seminar - Room 1300 BPS - 2:45 - 4pm Summer Blot DESY Measuring Neutrino Oscillations at the End of the World - [abstract] Darren Grant
February 04 Jennifer Thomas University College London CHIPS and the new deal - [abstract] Darren Grant
February 11 - Joint seminar with FRIB - Room 1400 BPS @ 1:30 Keh-Fei Liu University of Kentucky Proton Spin and Mass Decompositions and neutrino-nucleon scattering from Lattice QCD - [abstract] Dean Lee/Huey-Wen Lin
February 18 James T. Linnemann MSU Contraining Lorentz Invariance Violation with HAWC - [abstract] Huey-Wen Lin
February 25 Matt Wetstein Iowa State University ANNIE and Next Generation Neutrino Physics - [abstract] Tyce DeYoung
March 10 Carlota Casas Jefferson Lab JAM19: a simultaneous global analysis of PDFs and FFs - [abstract] Huey-Wen Lin
March 17 Urs M. Heller APS CANCELLED Huey-Wen Lin
March 24 Hofie Sigridar Hannesdottlir Harvard University Infrared Finite Cross Sections and S-matrix elements - VIEW TALK IN ZOOM - [abstract] Robert Schabinger
March 31 Brian Batell Pittsburgh CANCELLED Dan Stump/C.-P. Yuan
April 7        
April 14 Irina Mocioiu Penn State University CANCELLED Tyce DeYoung
April 21 Walter Hopkins ANL CANCELLED Wade Fisher

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Organized by: Brenda Wenzlick and Wade Fisher