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High Energy Physics Seminar Schedule

High Energy Physics seminars are presented at 1:30pm on Tuesdays

All speakers will be online through zoom: (Joining the Zoom meeting requires a password. Please contact one of the organizers, if you haven't received it.)

Slides of the talks can be found here
Recordings are accessible with a MSU account

Date Speaker Institution Title Local Host
January 19 Frank Krauss Durham University Individual-Based Epidemiology Simulations - [abstract] Joey Huston and Andreas von Manteuffel
January 26 Stephanie Wissel Penn State Cosmic Neutrino Searches at High Elevations - [abstract] Joey Huston/Brian Clark
January 28 - Special Seminar @ 12 noon - same zoom info Luca Rottoli University of Zurich Higgs transverse momentum with a jet veto: a double-differential resummation - [abstract] Joey Huston
February 02 Zoya Vallari Caltech Neutrino Oscillation Results from NOvA Experiment - [abstract] Kendall Mahn
February 09 Tilman Plehn University of Heidelberg Generative and Invertible Networks for LHC Theory Joey Huston
February 16 Tao Han University of Pittsburgh EW physics at very high energies: a multi-TeV muon collider as a case study Joey Huston
February 23 Ben Nachtman LBNL "Disentangling Boosted higgs boson Production Modes with Machine Learning" - [abstract] Joey Huston
March 02 Jennifer Roloff Brookhaven National Lab Exploring QCD with Jet Substructure at the LHC - [abstract]  
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Organized by: Joey Huston, Andreas von Manteuffel and Brenda Wenzlick