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Brage Golding

Professor Emeritus
Condensed Matter Physics - Experimental
Biomedical-Physical Sciences Bldg.
567 Wilson Rd., Room B108
(517) 884-5692


B114 Biomedical-Physical Sciences Bldg.
(517) 884-5693

1966: Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1963: B.S., Purdue University

Selected Publications

Epitaxial Iridium Growth on Strontium Titanate, Z. Dai, A. Li, C. Bednarski, L.I. McCann, and B. Golding, Proc. Mat. Res. Soc 684, P11.35. (2001)

Photon Echoes Below 1K in a Nd3+-Doped Glass Fiber, J. Hegarty, M.M. Broer, B. Golding, J.R. Simpson and J.B. MacChesney, Physical Review Letters 51, 2033 (1983)

Relaxation Times of Tunneling Systems in Glasses, B. Golding and J.E. Graebner, Topics in Current Physics, Volume 24, Amorphous Solids: Low Temperature Properties, ed., W.A. Phillips (Springer, New York, 1981).

Relaxation of Tunneling Systems by Conduction Electrons in a Metallic Glass, B. Golding, J.E. Graebner, A.B. Kane and J.L. Black, Physical Review Letters 41, 1487 (1978)

Phonon Echoes in Glass, B. Golding and J.E. Graebner, Physical Review Letters 37, 852 (1976)

Nonlinear Phonon Propagation in Fused Silica Below 1K, B. Golding, J.E. Graebner, B.I. Halperin and R.J. Schutz, Physical Review Letters 30, 223 (1973)

Professional Activities & Interests / Biographical Information

Dr. Golding joined the MSU P-A Department's Experimental CMP group in 1991 after 24 years on the technical staff of AT&T Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, NJ (including 5-year stints as head of its Condensed State Physics Research Department and head of its Non-equilibrium Physics Research Department). He was the Director of MSU's Center for Fundamental Materials Research from 1993 to 1996, and the Director of the Center for Sensor Materials, an NSF-supported Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, from 1994 to 2004.

Current Research Interests:

  • Large fluctuations in mesoscopic systems
  • Wide bandgap semiconductors
  • Quantum computing and information
  • Quantum tunneling in disordered systems

Professional Activities, Awards and Honors

  • Fellow, American Physical Society
  • American Associatin for the Advancement of Science
  • Humboldt Foundation award, University of Heidelberg, 1987
  • Physical Review Letters Review Panel, 1989-90
  • Co-Chairman, NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Coherence and Energy Transfer in Glass, Cambridge, England, 1982
  • IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium Committee, 1987-present