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HEP Experimental Group




We study the properties of the fundamental particles: the quarks and leptons (including electrons and neutrinos) and the carriers of the electroweak and strong forces, the gauge bosons and gluons. We do this work as active members of experiments at the largest particle accelerators in the world: the Large Hadron Collider at CERN,  the Fermi National Laboratory near Chicago where we participate in the D0 collider experiment and the NOvA neutrino oscillation experiment. We have research groups resident at both laboratories. Other neutrino oscillation experiments in which our members participate include T2K and IceCube/PINGU.

We also study high-energy astrophysical neutrinos with IceCube and TeV cosmic rays in Mexico with the HAWC Observatory.

At MSU experimentalists and theorists work in close proximity and participate in frequent discussions, collaborate together, and share common seminars. This close interaction, exemplified by the MSU-based CTEQ program, creates a vibrant, intellectually stimulating atmosphere contributing to the productivity of both theorists and experimentalists.

  Maris Abolins (Emeritus)  
  Raymond Brock  
  Carl Bromberg (Emeritus)  
  Tyce DeYoung  
  Wade Fisher  
  Darren Grant  
  Reiner Hauser  
  Daniel Hayden  
  Joey Huston  
  Claudio Kopper  
  James Linnemann (Emeritus)  
  Kendall Mahn  
  Bernard Pope (Emeritus)  
  Reinhard Schwienhorst  
  Kirsten Tollefson  
  Nathan Whitehorn  

 Postdoctoral Associates

Brian Clark   baclark -AT- msu.ed  
Robert Halliday   hallid15 -AT-  
Andrew Ludwig   ludwiga7 -AT-  
Mehr Un Nisa   nisamehr -AT-  
Shiqi Yu   yushiqi2 -AT-  

Graduate Students

Jacob Calcutt   calcuttj -AT-  
Andrew Chegwidden   chegwid3 -AT-  
Andrew Cudd   cuddandr -AT-  
Emily Johnson   john2105 -AT-  
Hao Lin   linhao2 -AT-  
Kuan Yu Lin   linkuany -AT-  
Samuel Marinelli   marine20 -AT-  
Matthew Mondragon   mondrag3 -AT-  
Jacob Morrison   morri631 -AT-  
Brian Page   pagebri3 -AT-  
Forrest Phillips   phill557 -AT-  
Ivan Pogrebnyak   ivanp -AT-  
Devyn Rysewyk   rysewykd -AT-  
Bradley Schoenrock   schoenr1 -AT-  
Christopher Willis   willisc9 -AT-  

Support Staff

clerical and budget:      
Brenda Wenzlick   wenzlick -AT-
electronics and computing:      
Daniel Edmunds   edmunds -AT-  
Yuri Ermoline   yuri.ermoline -AT-  
Philippe Laurens   laurens -AT-  
Richard R. Drake   rrdrake -AT-  
Mike Nila   nila -AT-  



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