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Ghost Particle Documentary Screened at Abrams Planetarium


Michigan State University's Department of Physics and Astronomy is one of the top-ranked departments in the country. It offers many diverse courses in physics and astronomy. Undergraduate programs are available with different emphases and mixes with other branches of science and engineering. It also offers graduate (M.S. & Ph.D.) degree programs with specializations in many sub-fields.

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November 11, 2022 Ghost Particle Documentary Screened at Abrams Planetarium
Ghost Particle a science documentary that follows international efforts to understand the universe by studying neutrinos - the smallest of known parts - with some of the world’s largest experiments.

October 21, 2022
Two Faculty Elected APS Fellows
Danny Caballero and Huey-Wen Lin are the latest two MSU Department of Physics and Astronomy Faculty to be elected APS Fellows. The APS Fellowship Program was created in 1921 for those in the physics community to recognize peers who have contributed to advances in physics through original research, innovative applications, teaching, and leadership.