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Feedback Collection and Response

The Department of Physics and Astronomy welcomes feedback and has established a Feedback Collection and Response Program. 

The program

  • Provides students, staff, and faculty a retribution-free, and if desired, anonymous venue for articulating suggestions and concerns
  • Ensures that employee concerns are addressed in a timely and objective manner;
  • Assures that confidentiality, when desired, is maintained to the greatest extent possible;
  • Allows a path for unresolved concerns to be addressed by departmental leadership

A detailed description of the purpose of the program, how submissions are reviewed and by whom, and what the process is for dealing with submissions can be found in this document. It also provides alternative ways to provide feedback to the department and the university. We recommend you to read it prior to making a submission. 

The Feedback Collection and Response Program Team consist of:

  • Department Chair (Steve Zepf)
  • Department Associate Chairs (Stuart Tessmer, Mark Voit, Remco Zegers)
  • Departmental Advisory Committee (ADCOM) Chair (Wade Fisher)
  • Department Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee (DEIC) Chair (Huey-Wen Lin)

The Feedback Collection and Response Program Manager is the department DEIC Chair