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OMNI Migration Resources

Last winter the PA website content management system (CMS) – the editing tool for our site –  had to be changed from Mura to OMNI, as Mura had reached End-of-Life. Because of the desire to have editing privileges only to individual sections of the web site, the whole structure of the system had to be changed from one top-down tree, to multiple top-down trees. So that required migration of pages from one structure to the other and so the mandated adoption of OMNI became a very large project of moving pages and url’s.

This mail reviews the state of the project by (A) describing what changed, (B) listing the common problems that have been observed in the process, (C) providing links to how you might change your own profile page in the directory and find some training materials, and (D) reporting the beginning of an FAQ which will be on the PA IT website and maintained as more experience is gained. 


  • The overall appearance and menus in the P-A website are nearly identical.
  • The biggest visible change is the new P-A directory which now automatically uses the NatSci College Directory.
  • You may edit your directory profile page yourself. Directions are below in "Help Documents".
  • The organization of certain sections and paths to some webpages has changed, which means some webpages have a different url from the previous site.
  • The names of most webpages now end with “.aspx”. For example, "https://pa.msu.edu/directory.aspx"
  • Improved features are available to our editors and not everyone is an editor for everything.


  • Broken Links
  • Because the names of some webpages now end in .aspx, the urls for those pages have changed. You will need to update those links.

  • Missing Pages
  • We strived to migrate all active webpages from Mura to OMNI but the automatic migration process may have missed a page. If you notice any missing pages, contact PA-IT Support.

  • Incorrect/ Missing Images
  • Images should have been migrated with the webpages. However, we have found that some images are missing or broken. If you notice problems with an image, contact PA-IT Support.

  • Problems with some People Pages
  • Due to broken links (many pages now end with .aspx), you may need to update urls to some P-A pages.
  • On the previous Mura website, the urls of pa.msu.edu/people and web.pa.msu.edu/people were treated identically. On the new OMNI website, this is no longer true. All links on your webpages that use pa.msu.edu/people need to be changed to web.pa.msu.edu/people.



Are People Pages going away?

  • No. We do suggest that you verify your People Pages are working correctly

How do I change my directory information?

How do I change my profile picture?

  • Email a high-resolution photo to PA.DL.helpdesk@msu.edu. We will be able to change your profile picture. (The college host will not allow users to do this.)

How can I add a new student/ postdoc/ departmental affiliate to the directory?

  • The directory is updated automatically from HR information, so they should exist in the PA page. If someone is not listed and should be, contact P-A IT support. We can add names manually.

 How do I file requests for updates and changes?

What are the salient differences between the old system and the new system?

  • As explained above, the new system looks and functions essentially the same. However, many sections of the site had to be reorganized due to editing needs. The url path for many pages has changed.

How do I request OMNI editing rights, and where is the content I can edit?

  • OMNI editing rights are approved by the department. Submit a ticket to PA.DL.helpdesk@msu.edu with the area of the website you are requesting access to. Once you have been granted access, the site content is located here, and what you have access to will be a blue link.

How do I publish my own professional web page?

  • Depending on your web needs, we will be able to publish a simple page for you on the PA site. Otherwise, for more complex needs we can set up space on web.pa or figure out additional options. 


  • Web page creation, editing, and content are overseen by P-A IT Support. If you have questions regarding information on a web page, email PA.DL.helpdesk@msu.edu.
  • The web server and associated functions are managed jointly by P-A IT Support and IT Services. For example, if the website is down or you cannot access a web page, contact both P-A IT and IT Services.