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Student Activities and Organizations

Physics Graduate Organization (PGO)

The Physics Graduate Organization (PGO) at Michigan State University is a multi-purpose group run by graduate students for the express purpose of supporting graduate students at every stage of academic development. In addition, the represent the students in the department and have officers that serve in many of the departmental committees. In addition, PGO elects representatives for the Council of Graduate Students (COGS), the Dean's Student Advisory Council (SAC), and the Graduate Employee Union (GEU),

Women and Minorities in Physical Sciences (WaMPS)

The Women and Minority in Physical Sciences (WaMPS) student organization was initiated over a decade ago by the graduate students and focuses on activities aimed at providing a supportive, inclusive, and welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds in the physical sciences. Some of these activities are focused on providing support for students in the department, such as a peer-mentoring framework. Other activities focus on educating outside audiences and attracting interest from people from traditionally underrepresented groups in physical sciences.