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Physics Graduate Organization

The Physics Graduate Organization (PGO) at Michigan State University is an organization by and for physics graduate students. The purpose of the PGO is to support physics graduate students at every stage of their academic development—from recruitment to graduation. To be a member of the PGO, you only need be a physics graduate student at MSU.

The PGO provides graduate student representation at graduate program and curriculum meetings, and PGO officers attend regular meetings with the Dean as well as the department chair and the advisory committee (ADCOM) to promote the interests of physics graduate students. The PGO also provides representation for physics graduate students at the Council of Graduate Students (COGS) and the Graduate Employees Union (GEU). The PGO even organizes weekly social events and seminars and helps organize visit weekends for incoming graduate students.

Every spring, an election is held to select the PGO administration for the next academic year. Be sure to check out the current PGO officers and learn what they can do for you!