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Society of Physics Students

Welcome to the Michigan State University chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS)! This chapter of the National Society of Physics Students was established April 22, 1968. We are an academic organization run by and for undergraduate physics and astronomy students. 

Follow us on Facebook (Society of Physics Students - Michigan State University) and Twitter (@MSU_SPS)!

SPS Student Resources

Biweekly Meetings

SPS meets every other Monday night 6-7pm in BPS 1400.

Fall 2022 meeting dates are TBD. 

At a typical meeting we invite a speaker to talk about either their new research or a topic of interest to physics and astronomy students, e.g. graduate school, research opportunities, or jobs in industry. SPS is a great way to meet other undergraduates in Physics in a relaxed and social setting!

If that isn't enough to entice you, at each in-person meeting we also have FREE PIZZA and pop available! Come for the free food, stay for awesome talks about physics!

Other SPS Events 

To be determined!


SPS Executive Board (2022/2023)

Jeremy Rebenstock, President, rebensto@msu.edu

Kaedon Cleland-Host, Vice President, clelan24@msu.edu

Nathan Willey, Communications Chair, willeyna@msu.edu

John Graham, Outreach Chair, graha290@msu.edu

Elias Taira, Treasurer, tairaeli@msu.edu