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Colloquium Schedule

Colloquia are presented at 3:30pm on Thursdays in room 1415 BPS

Refreshments in room 1400 BPS @ 3:00 pm

Date Speaker Speaker's Institution Title Speaker Schedule Local Host
January 04 NO SEMINAR        
January 11          
January 18 Aurore Courtoy University of Mexico - UNAM Pion structure: a state-of-the-art phenomenological perspective - [abstract] Speaker Schedule Huwy-Wen Lin/Reinhard Schwienhorst
January 25 Francis Halzen WIPAC - University of Wisconsin- Madison IceCube:  the First Decase of Neutrino Astronomy - [abstract] Speaker Schedule Nathan Whitehorn
February 01 Keivan Stassun Vanderbilt University "The Royal Road, Redux: Eclipses and Transits in the Era of Gaia and TESS" - [abstract] Speaker Schedule Megan Donahue
February 07 - (Wednesday) Joint with FRIB - 4:10 pm room 1300 Auditorium - FRIB bldg Jonathan Engel University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Fundamental Physics in Heavy Nuclei: the Role of Nuclear-Structure Theory - [abstract] Speaker Schedule Witek Nazarewicz
February 15       Speaker Schedule  
February 22       Speaker Schedule  
March 07 Sarah Demers Yale P5:  The next decade of US particle physics - [abstract] Speaker Schedule Wade Fisher/Reinhard Schwienhorst
March 14       Speaker Schedule  
March 21 Dean Lee MSU FRIB Theory Science Highlights - [abstract]   Witek Nazarewicz
March 28       Speaker Schedule  
April 04       Speaker Schedule  
April 11 Sean Liddick MSU FRIB Experimental Science Highlights - [abstract]   Witek Nazarewicz
April 18 - In Person Irina Zhuravleva University of Chicago Probing Multi-Scale Physics of Intracluster Medium with X-ray Observations - [abstract] Speaker Schedule Megan Donahue/Brian O'Shea

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Building Accessibility Information

For travel arrangements, reimbursement questions or to make an appointment with the speaker please contact Brenda Wenzlick - (wenzlic3@msu.edu)

If you would like to attend lunch or dinner with the speaker, please contact the local host via email.

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