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High Energy Physics Seminar Schedule

High Energy Physics seminars are presented at 1:30pm on Tuesdays

All speakers will be online through zoom:

Zoom Link (Joining the Zoom meeting requires a password. Please contact one of the organizers, if you haven't received it.)

Slides of the talks can be found here
Recordings are accessible with a MSU account

Date Speaker Institution Title Local Host
January 17        
January 24 - In person Tobias Neumann Brookhaven National Lab

The Z-boson as the Standard Model standard candle: Key to precision W-boson mass measurements


[Talks Link]

Andreas von Manteuffel - Joey Huston
January 31 - Zoom Felix Kling DESY

Looking forward to exciting physics with FASER and the FPF


Joey Huston, Andreas von Manteuffel
February 7 - In person Jack Holligan University of Maryland

The Unpolarized Proton PDF at NNLO from Lattice QCD with Physical Quark Masses


Huey-Wen Lin
February 14 - Zoom - Joint with Astronomy

Alison Mitchell



Time-dependent hadronic particle acceleration in the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi with H.E.S.S.


James T. Linnemann
February 23        
February 28 - In person - Special time 10-11 am - 1400 BPS Andrew Cudd University of Colorado Boulder

Neutrino-nucleus interactions at T2K and recent results


Kendall Mahn
February 28 - In person - 1:30 pm - 1400 BPS Aswathi Balagopal Valiyaveettil University of Wisconsin

Multimessenger Astrophysics Through the Lens of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory


Tyce DeYoung
March 1 - In person - Special HEP seminar 10:45-12 noon - 1400 BPS Shuo Zhang Bard College

Hunting for Galactic PeVatrons in the X-ray Regime


Tyce DeYoung
March 6 - 12 noon room 1400 BPS Mehr Nisa MSU

Towards Resolving the TeV Sky in Neutrinos and Gamma rays


Tyce DeYoung
March 14 - Zoom - Joint with Astronomy - Rescheduled from 2/14 Alison Mitchell FAU

Time-dependent hadronic particle acceleration in the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi with H.E.S.S.


James T. Linnemann
March 21 - Zoom only Takahiro Sudo Ohio State University

Where are Milky Way's Hadronic PeVatrons?


Hans Niederehausen
March 28        
April 4        
April 11 - In person Jessica Zebrowski University of Chicago Probing Cosmic Acceleration and Particle Physics with SPT-SLIm Nathan Whitehorn
April 18        
April 25        

Map to the Biomedical & Physical Sciences Building

Building Accessibility Information

Contact Brenda Wenzlick at wenzlic3@msu.edu for more information or if special accommodations are necessary.

Organized by: Joey Huston, Andreas von Manteuffel and Brenda Wenzlick