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The People

IceCube Group photo


The group has five faculty members who jointly supervise research in various areas of neutrino physics and multi-messenger astronomy
Faculty Interests
Nathan Whitehorn
 DAQ, Triggers, AGN, CMB
Shuo Zhang
High-energy astrophysics, PeVatrons, Galactic Center
Mehr Un Nisa

Neutrino Sources, Dark matter, Gamma-ray astronomy

Tyce DeYoung
Neutrino physics
Kirsten Tollefson
Indirect detection of dark matter

Postdoctoral Researchers and Engineers

Group Member Activities
Victoria Parrish Upgrade hardware, neutrino physics
Chris Weaver Computing
Hans Niederhausen Neutrino Astronomy, Reconstruction and Algorithms
Chris Ng Hardware
Dean Shooltz Hardware
Rishi Babu Multi-messenger Astronomy, Reconstruction, ML
Dan Salazar Dark matter, Multi-messenger searches, Rock climbing

Graduate Students and Post-baccalaureate Researchers

Student Activities
Alexander Harnisch
Machine-learning, data reduction

Alina Kochoki

AGN, PMT testing
Finn Mayhew
Neutrino Oscillations

Jeanne Garriz

Hardware, event reconstruction

Jean Pierre Twagirayezu

Data Reconstruction, Algorithms

Emmett Krupczak

Upgrade Hardware

 Alejandra Granados

IceCube Upgrade, Taylor Swift

Grace Sanger-Johnson

Data analysis


Undergraduate Researchers

  1. Dhiti Doddamreddy
  2. Purvi Garg
  3. Elisha
  4. Brayden Dillon
  5. Brandon Pries (now graduate student at Georgia Tech)