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Condensed Matter Physics Seminar Schedule

CMP Seminars are presented at 4:10pm on Mondays and will be held
in person or online via Zoom.

Date Speaker Institution Title Local Host

Jan 17

(Special date -

BPS 1400)

Arghavan Safavi-Naini University of Amsterdam Trapped ion quantum computing with tweezers and electric fields Maghrbei
Jan 30* Frank Hegmann University of Alberta

Imaging ultra fast phenomena on the nanoscale

Zoom Link: https://msu.zoom.us/j/91630786357

Feb 6 Tim Tomay University of Buffalo Solid state nanostructures as quantum light emitters Cocker
Feb 27 Jonathan Curtis UCLA

Optical Control of Quantum Materials



March 2 (Thurs.,

BPS 1400)

@ 12pm

Christopher Baldwin Univ. of Maryland

Quantum dynamics in rugged energy landscapes: From glassiness to chaos


March 13 Rubem Mondaini Beijing Computational Science Research Center

Quantum computing: From the basics to applications



March 16 (Thurs.,

BPS 1400)

@ 12pm

Xiaoqi Sun

Univ. of Illinois

On thermal transport puzzles of strongly correlated quantum materials



March 20

Sayed Ali Akbar Ghorashi Stony Brook Univ

Beyond Twistronics: An Alternative Quantum Simulator for Condensed Matter Physics



March 23 (Thurs.,

BPS 1400)

@ 12pm

Han Ma Perimeter Institute

Renormalization group for metals



March 30

Zhu-Xi Luo Harvard University

Constructive approaches to frustrated magnetism: Moiré and Measurements


April 3** Fengyuan Yang Ohio State University

Interfacial Anisotropy in Nonmagnetic-Material/Ferrimagnetic-Insulator Bilayers


Zoom Link: https://msu.zoom.us/j/94792087900

April 24 Aashish Clerk University of Chicago

Driven-dissipative quantum systems and hidden time-reversal symmetries 



*Hybrid seminar  **Zoom Only

Map to the Biomedical & Physical Sciences Building

Building Accessibility Information

Conference Organizers: M. Maghrebi and R. Ghosh

For information or special accommodations please email Susie Hardwood-Brown at harwoo33@msu.edu