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Research Students

Online Resources for High-Energy Physics Students

  1. Resources associated with the famous course on Quantum Field Theory given by the late Prof. Sidney Coleman (Harvard University)
    • Videos of Coleman's lectures
    • PDFs of Dr. Brian Hill's notes from Coleman's course: Part 1, Part 2
    • Typeset versions of Coleman's note for part of the first semester of QFT
    • PDFs of the problem sets & Brian Hill's solutions from Coleman's course are available locally. Ask Prof. Chivukula, Schmidt, Simmons, or Yuan for access.
  2. Resources associated with other Quantum Field Theory Courses


    • Prof. Eduardo Fradkin's on-line QFT course.
    • Prof. David Tong's on-line course. This includes typeset notes, problem sets and solutions.
    • TASI 2008 lectures on "The Dawn of the LHC Era"
    • "Diploma Programme" lectures from ICTP (Trieste). This includes videos of courses dating back to 2007, and also screenshots of the blackboard that one can examine in detail to read the lecturer's notes. The courses include QED, group theory, particle physics, relativity, and also non-HET areas of physics.
    • A review of various QFT books - From Griffiths to Peskin: a lit review for beginners. In particular, the books by Mark Srednicki and Lowell Brown use an approach fairly similar to that taken by Coleman in his lectures.
  3. Other resources related to High-Energy Physics