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Academic Advising

Appointments with the Associate Chair for the Undergraduate Program for academic advising are handled through the Advisors Calendar system, a part of the Student Success Collaborative Dashboard.

If all you need is a simple course enrollment override, follow the instructions on the Course Override Information page. If it turns out that you do need to speak to an advisor for this, you will be informed at that time.

To use the Advisors Calendar system, go to the Student Success Collaborative Dashboard at EAB Campus and log in using your MSU NetID and password. Then choose "Get Advising" at the top right of the home page.

Choose "Natural Science Advising" from the list on the advising page (since the Department of Physics & Astronomy is in the College of Natural Science). A set of options will now appear. Select "Physics" ("Astrophysics" is also currently on the options list, but is not active yet).

Selecting "Physics" should take you to a page where it lists the P-A Undergraduate Office in BPS Building room 1312 as the location. Select the "Which Advisor" box and our Associate Chair Stuart Tessmer's name should be the only choice, so select it and then select "Next". Available advisement time slots will be displayed on the calendar shown. Choose a time slot and reserve it. After the reservation has been made, the system will send a confirmation E-mail.