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Housing Information

  • General information about lining on campus can be found at: https://liveon.msu.edu/
  • Owen Hall is the graduate residence center. Rates are available here. 
  • The university owns and operates more than 1000 one- and two-bedroom apartments to help meet the needs of single and married students. Rates are available here.  
  • There are many privately-owned off-campus rooms and apartments available. Please check here for listings: https://offcampushousing.msu.edu/. Additional information is available here: https://studentlife.msu.edu/housing/index.html  
  • When looking for apartments, please check with more senior graduate students in the department for useful advice!
  • Links to local papers with event listings and classifieds
  • Public transportation is provided by the CATA Bus System which has routes linking Lansing, East Lansing, MSU, and Okemos. Most major apartment complexes are on a bus route. The main CATA terminal on MSU campus is conveniently located a block away from the BPS building.