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Is MSU the School For Me?

There are many considerations that go into choosing Physics and Astronomy Graduate Programs to apply to. Many of these have to do with the specific research interests of the students and how well a particular program fits to those interest. In addition, if you are going to work towards a Ph.D. degree for 5-6 years, you also want to pick a program, university and location where you, and perhaps your partner and/or family, will feel at home and can pursue activities that are fun and/or benefit your career development from a broader perspective. 

A lot of information about graduate student life and wellness, including resources and organizations on campus for graduate students can be found at the MSU Graduate School website. We strongly recommend you to look into the resources and consider how they can benefit your graduate studies. 

If you are wondering what is special about the graduate program in Physics and Astronomy at MSU, check this link. For more information about living in East Lansing, home to MSU, check here.