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Business Travel for Graduate Students

Any business travel must be requested and authorized prior to travel, even if no reimbursement for travel expenses is needed. Students traveling should communicate with their advisor signiciantly in advance of travel, as the request for authorization can take some time. 

A fully approved travel authorization request is required to: 

  1. Facilitate authorization for anyone traveling on behalf of Michigan State University (on-campus travel is exempt).
  2. Make reservations or spend funds.
  3. Submit an Expense Report for reimbursement of out of pocket expenses and/or charge prepaid expenses to an account.
  4. Provide proof of authorized travel to allow provision of MSU Travel Accident Insurance and International Travel Insurance.
  5. Receive permission for and access to MSU Motor Pool Vehicles  
  6. Obtain registration of international travel in MSU’s Global Travel Registry.

Information about travel policies and procedures can be found at Travel@State. Authorization requests and expense reports are all submitted through Concur. There are training guides and videos on how to use Concur. Especially when you go on your first business trip, it is very helpful to ask your advisor or a senior student who has traveled previously for advice. Research area also have staff that help with travel arrangements, so please ask your advisor whom is available for help. 

The Graduate School also has information about travel, which can be found here.