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Financial Support

The following sources of financial support are available for students with high financial needs and/or emergencies:

  • Herbert T. Graham Scholarship - Funds made available to support students with special financial needs. A call for self nominations typically goes out in the Fall semester, with a request for a brief description of the need and the requested amount. Eligibility for the aid will be checked as part of the selection process.
  • Graduate School Emergency Fellowship - besides the information on the site, it is important to follow this process: Note that matching funds from the advisor, department, and/or college are requested. Therefore, it is helpful to submit this request, if applicable, when Herbert T. Graham Scholarship funds are awarded and can be used as a match.
    • The form sent to the College of Natural Science must be in a single PDF and submitted by the Graduate Program Director or Graduate Program Coordinator (not by the student)
    • Both the Major Professor/Advisor and Department/Program/Unit lines must be completed and signed - if a student prefers not to discuss their financial situation with their Advisor, the Graduate Program Director can do so.
    • It is highly suggested that the student includes a financial breakdown as to what the emergency funds are for. 
    • It is important to explain why the student is requesting emergency funds and what the circumstances are. The advisor and/or graduate program director must write supporting letters.
    • The PDF package submitted to the College must have the following order:
      • Emergency Fellowship Funding Application – completely filled in (page 1 only)
      • Page 2 is for the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies in Natural Science to complete
      • Letter of explanation from the student
      • Quote or other documents showing the need – Student can also attach bills etc.,
      • Letter from the Advisor and/or Graduate Program Director
  • Support Our Spartans Emergency Fund Application
  • MSU Food Bank
  • Resources outside of MSU: